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Let's get our springtime shine on!

Join us for six weeks of connection, challenge and fun. The Spring Sessions are a great way to do something you love, or try something new, while being part of a supportive community. Achieve a personal goal and make friends along the way. 

We'll kick it all off together (participants from all streams) on 6th October at Brunswick. Here you'll  meet your facilitator, get the details of what's ahead, and connect with the Spring Sessions community. Get inspired for the six weeks ahead. 

From here, you'll come together weekly with your chosen stream. Choose from:

  • Fast 5km

  • Yoga Inversions

  • Dance

  • Get Strong

  • Meditation Sadhana

  • Choir

We'll finish with a Finale Party17th November for high fives, sharing and performances from our dancers and choir. 

  • Kick Off Session (6th October)

  • 6 x weekly stream sessions

  • Finale Party (17th November)

  • Private stream WhatsApp group access


$150 (Eve members save 10%)

The Spring Sessions are for women and non-binary people.


Are the Spring Sessions only for Evies?

Not at all. We welcome all women and non-binary folk to join the Spring Sessions. If you're new to Eve, this will be a great way to become part of the community. 

Or if you've been looking to invite a friend to Eve, this could be a great way to introduce them to what Eve's all about.

Do I need to have an Eve membership?

An Eve membership is not required, but we do recommend becoming an Eve member to get the most out of the experience. Eve membership gives you unlimited access to all Eve classes across both studios. 


This is especially recommended if you're joining the Get Strong or Run Challenge streams, as Eve classes form part of your training and will really help you achieve your goals.


Find out more about our memberships here.

Can I join more than one stream?

We get it! All the streams look so good, it's hard to choose just one. Subject to availability, you may join additional streams for $75 each. 

Once you have booked your first stream we will email you a discount code to join a second stream if you like. 

6th October - 17th November
Kick-Off Session (all participants)
7 - 8pm, 6th October at Brunswick
Finale Party (all participants)

7pm - 9pm, Friday 17th November at Brunswick

Plus the dates for your chosen stream (see below)

FAST 5km

Hey runners! Do you feel the need for speed??

f you can already run 5km, this challenge is for you! It doesn’t matter how fast you are to begin with. We’ll start where you are, and get quicker from there.

This challenge is all about building your strength, fitness and power to help you run your fastest 5km yet.

We’ll begin and end the challenge at the Brunswick East parkrun, where you can check your 5km time. And for the five weeks in between, you’ll have a flexible schedule of solo runs and Eve classes, as well as Saturday morning group training specifically designed to build your pace.

Trainer: Annie Carter
Studio location: 171 Sydney Rd Brunswick
Weekly sessions: 8am - 9am Saturdays (7th Oct - 11 Nov)

Liven up your yoga practice and challenge your body.  This course will break down the steps and help you build strength so that you can develop confidence with inversions.

Headstand, forearm balance and handstands can appear crazy-fancy and quite intimidating in a yoga class. By coming to this course you have more time and space to develop body awareness upside down, ask questions, take risks in a safe environment and get to understand that they might not be as scary as they look.

Emma will encourage you to get comfortable going upside down and not take yourself too seriously along the way.

Asana Leader: Emma Slater
Studio location: 171 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
Weekly sessions: 10:15 - 11:15am Saturdays (7th Oct - 11th Nov)


Join Keely for a dance course learning choreography to Hung Up by Madonna. Embrace the fun choreography and retro Rock Eisteddfod vibes! We will be working on a dance production with formations and other performative elements. There will be lots of laughter. You'll come away with more confidence on the dance floor, a whole lot of awesome moves, a dance routine you can bust out anytime, and a bunch of new friends.


And you'll have the opportunity to dress up and perform at the Spring Sessions Finale Party!

And you'll have the opportunity to dress up and perform at the Spring Sessions Finale Party!

Instructor: Keely Wins
Studio location: 268 Raglan St, Preston
Weekly sessions: 11am Saturdays (7th Oct - 11th Nov)

Set your goal and train for it. Whether it's ten push-ups,

a heavier deadlift or getting your first chin-up, it's time to get strong. Build your strength with a customised training program to achieve your personal goal.

Note: An Eve membership or class pack is highly recommended for this stream, giving you access to Eve classes in between weekly sessions.

Trainer: Shannon Sweeney
Studio location: 268 Raglan St, Preston
Weekly sessions: 8am Sundays (8th Oct - 12 Nov)

Step into the discipline and delight of daily pranayama and meditation practice. Start a sitting practice for the first time, or expand your existing routine, with guidance from Annie and the support of the group. Our practice will be focused on the story and qualities of Durga, the divine Mother, goddess of strength, protection and positive energy. 

Teacher: Annie Carter

Studio location: 268 Raglan St, Preston
Weekly sessions: 7:15 - 8:15pm Tuesdays (10th Oct - 14th Nov)

Experience the joy of singing in a group, learning some basic breathing and singing techniques, and working towards performing a song or two at the Finale Party. Singing together is a beautiful way to not only connect in with your own body and voice, but also an amazing way to connect with others in our community. Rachael is a passionate and expereienced community choir leader with a background in music therapy. 

All singers and voices welcome. No experience needed.

Choir Leader: Rachael Comte
Studio location: 268 Raglan St, Preston
Weekly sessions: 7:30 - 8:30pm Thursdays (12th Oct - 16th Nov)

Having trouble booking?  

Email us at

or call 9480 5969

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