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monthly sessions of movement, space & stillness

Breathe out. Let go. Relax.

Join us each month for a deeply nurturing session of gentle mindful
movement, space and stillness, reflection and release. 
Press pause on your day-to-day life for 90 minutes
to refresh and renew yourself for the month ahead.
The cooler months invite us to turn inward, to nurture and nourish ourselves.  Our Lush sessions have been designed with this in mind. Each Lush Session is offered by a different teacher, so every one is a unique experience with its own theme and focus. But all of them are created for your rest, nurture and grounding

All women and nonbinary people welcome.

No experience needed.


Fridays 6:30pm - 8pm

19th May at BRUNSWICK with Julia-Rose Gribble

16th June at PRESTON with Stefana Brunetto

21st July at BRUNSWICK with Alissia LaTorre

18th August at PRESTON with Keely Wins


While Lush Sessions are extra special, they are the price of a regular casual class, or included for members. 

Book via the Eve Studio app or below.


Next Lush Session:

18th August at PRESTON with Keely Wins

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