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Women-Centred Yoga

Although women make up 78% of yoga practitioners in Australia, modern yoga tends to be taught within a 'male-by-default' patriarchal paradigm. Women's bodies and experiences are largely ignored or, at best, accommodated but rarely honoured. Our yoga teacher trainings are helping turn the tide.

This groundbreaking online course centres women, our bodies, cycles and experience.

Yoga teachers, you are invited join us for six weeks of self discovery, embodied learning, and personal and professional expansion to add dimension to your yoga practice and teaching.


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In this course you will learn about women's rhythms, life cycles and innate body-wisdom. You will meet some of the goddesses of yoga, explore feminine energy, sensuality and power, and how to flow with these in your own practice and teaching. Learn about the ‘herstory’ of yoga, and consider the challenges of intersectional feminism for the yoga community.


And ultimately, come home to yourself and your intuitive knowing, and your unique voice as a woman and a teacher.

Our teacher trainings are accredited with Yoga Alliance®. Graduates will receive 75 Continuing Education hours .


Women at the Centre


Together, we will consider how women-centred teaching and practice may differ from the common offerings today. Throughout the six-weeks of embodied learning you will develop your own perspective on the meaning and value of women-centred yoga, and how you will bring this approach to life in your own practice and teaching.

We will explore the opportunities and challenges of centring women’s experience in our teaching whilst also accommodating male students, rather than the other way around. We will also look at the risk of falling into an essentialist approach, as though all women’s bodies or experiences are the same, and how this can be avoided.

We will explore the ways women have been included and excluded throughout yoga history, and how a practice that was apparently focused on boys and men, has evolved in the West to become a female-dominated activity. In the context of the prominence of women amongst yoga teachers and practitioners, we will consider the ways in which standard yoga classes persistently centre the experience, strengths, anatomy and comfort of men, and the consequences of this for women's health, self-esteem and experience of gender.

The course will introduce you to the following:

  • The presence and absence of women in the story and philosophy of yoga across millenia

  • Meet some of the goddesses of yoga; invoke and embody their qualities in your practice, teaching and life

  • Cultural appropriation and the decolonisation of yoga.

  • The theory, practice, politics and problem of feminism and yoga

  • Yoga for ALL bodies.

  • Body image and self acceptance in a body-beautiful--obsessed world

  • Anatomical and physiological features of a woman's body, how these may differ from a man's body, and the implications of this for yoga practice.

  • Understanding the phases of the menstrual cycle and different life stages, and how these affect a woman's hormones, energy and physiology, and how yoga can support hormonal health and overall wellbeing

  • Yoga for fertility, IVF, during pregnancy, in early motherhood, perimenopause and menopause, and how to support women in these cohorts within your general yoga classes.

  • The essential teachings of Ayurveda for women

  • Sex, sensuality, women and yoga

  • Who is welcomed to practice yoga? Who is not? Unconscious (and sometimes conscious) bias and barriers to participation within the yoga community.

  • Holding space for your students that is non-judgmental, warm and brave

  • Finding your voice and bringing your unique offering

  • Where yoga meets capitalism - the 'business' of yoga

  • Moving within the yoga industry with heart, integrity and effectiveness


This is a six week course, delivered entirely online, with a combination of pre-recorded and live interactive online sessions.


Six week course starts 28th June 2022

3 x 90 minute Zoom sessions (6:30pm - 8pm Tuesdays 28th June, 12th July & 26th July)


Each week, trainees will gain access to pre-recorded content, to be viewed in your own time.

Content will include lectures, interviews and panel discussions, and a variety of practices.

You will have continued access to the course content for one year to complete or return to as you please.

This is an immersive course of embodied learning.

Here is an indicator of the time required to complete the course in the allocated six weeks:

  • Between 30 and 45 minutes daily practice (may incorporate pranayama, mantra, meditation and asana)

  • Approximately 4 hours of pre-recorded lecture content per week, to be completed in your own time (ideally within the week)

  • 3 x 2 hour Zoom sessions (9:30 - 11:30am Saturday 30th October and 20th November)

Annie is the founder and director of Eve Studio, a pioneering space in women-centred yoga, fitness and wellbeing.
Annie is a yoga practitioner, teacher, teacher-trainer and studio owner, with a background in community services and psychotherapy, and a passion for calling forth the best in every woman.
Annie is the course facilitator and lead teacher on this training. She will share her experience and knowledge in women's seasons, cycles and hormonal health, the story of women in yoga, the promise and problem of feminism as we know it, holding space, the business of yoga, finding your voice, body image and radical self acceptance.
 Ali's 200hr training laid the foundation for a strong body and mind and a passion to make a difference. From there she followed her own journey in becoming a mum – training in Pre and Post-natal Yoga and then Children’s Yoga. Ali has been teaching at Eve Studio since Day One.

"For me, yoga is in the breath, in the body, heart and mind; it is an awareness of our true essence – loving, peaceful beings."
Ali will be presenting lectures on yoga for pregnant women and new mums, and how to support these women in the context of a general class.
Kathy is a dedicated and experienced yoga practitioner and teacher whose love for the philosophy and practice of yoga shines through in all of her classes. Kathy has been teaching yoga for over a decade and has been part of the Eve Studio team since its beginning. She has explored various yoga lineages and has studied exercise science, Pilates and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Kathy will be teaching on pranayama, mantra and meditation for women, the goddesses of yoga, and will be guiding trainees through a variety of practices throughout the course.
hlp_candy_bowers_headshots-8 copy.JPG
Candy is a writer, actor, director, teacher and mischief maker.

Born of South African political refugees Candy’s work is centred in decolonial feminist practice. She has facilitated workshops in the UK, South Africa, US and Australia, and has recently been appointed as the Programming Manager at Multicultural Arts Victoria.
Candy is a valued member of the Eve community.
Candy will be sharing on cultural appropriation and decolonisation, challenging trainees to consider examine their positionality and role in relation to these issues.
Natasha Bio Pic.jpg
A spiritual activist at heart, Natasha’s intention is to cultivate devotion with the Divine that permeates her entire life and practice. Founder of Sparsha Ritual Ayurveda, she shares the healing justice of Ayurveda as an invitation to all people for self healing and everyday liberation.
Natasha’s wish is that by sharing her experience she offers hope—inviting us all to become 'spiritual activists' by reclaiming rest, embodiment and ritual self care for optimal wellness through a heart-felt,
holistic framework of love, compassion and self awareness.
Natasha will be sharing on Ayurveda for women, cultural appropriation and decolonising yoga.
Nisha began practicing yoga as a teenager and has been teaching for eight years. She joined the team at Eve in 2019.
As a public health practitioner, Nisha explore intersections of social justice, feminism, decolonisation and yoga, which have become fundamental to her class offerings.
Nisha is passionate about equality, and believes mindfulness and yoga create space to examine our world – and manifest the determination to support healing, self-actualisation and justice.
Nisha will be sharing her perspective on the decolonisation of yoga, cultural appropriation and the role of the yoga teacher.
Vanessa is a sexologist and the founder of the womxn-centric sex & wellness community, Mia Muse, as well as a beloved yoga teacher at Eve Studio since our early days.
She has been teaching yoga since 2014. Initially drawn to strong physical asana practice, Vanessa went on to study Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle, which she says changed her practice, sense of connection with her body, and life.
Vanessa will teach on 'Sex, Sensuality, Women and Yoga' blending her expertise as a sexologist, sex and wellness coach, and yoga teacher. She will also be offering a guided practice.

Who is this course for?

This is a post-graduate YTT. A 200 hour YTT certification, or equivalent, is the required foundation for enrolment in this course.  

This is not just a course. It is also a sadhana.
You're invited to engage intellectually with the teachings, but also to reside deeply in your own body-wisdom and feminine energy through learning, practice and reflection.

Is this course for women only?

Yes, like all things Eve, this course is for anyone who identifies as a woman.
Trans and non-binary women are warmly welcome. Please see here for more info. 

Is the training entirely online?

Yes, this training is 100% online, so you can participate from wherever you are.

There are two live-online gatherings, and the rest of the course is in the form of video lectures and practices, released each week.

Can I complete the course in my own time?

Yes, you can complete the course in your own time within12 months maximum.

However, it's recommended that you complete each week's content and practices on time, to stay on track with the group, and to be ready to discuss what you're learning at our live-online gatherings.

Are there any assessment tasks in this course?

You will be required to complete all of the prerecorded lectures and practices, and attend the live-online gatherings. You may miss up to one live-online gathering as needed, and make up the session by viewing the recording of the gathering.

There are several short quizzes woven throughout the training, to help solidify your learning.

There is one reflection assignment to be submitted within one month of the end of the course. This may be in the form of a written essay, video, or audio recording.

Does this course prepare me to only teach women?

No. This course presents a women-centred approach that suits women-only AND general class environments. The principles apply while teaching across the gender spectrum.

What if I need to cancel my enrolment?

Should you need to cancel your enrolment prior to the start date, your payment may be held and used towards a future training (to be used within 24 months).​

After the course has started, no credit will be issued for cancellations. You may choose not to continue with the live-online gatherings, but you will still receive the weekly pre-recorded content. Note, participation in the live-online gatherings is required to gain the Yoga Alliance 75 hours continuing education credit.

No refunds will be provided.

What if Eve Studio cancels the course?

In the exceptional circumstance under which Eve Studio may cancel the course, you will receive a full refund, or the opportunity to transfer your enrolment to a future training (to be used within 24 months).

Will this course be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic?

As this course is being delivered online, it should not be impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

Still got questions? Send us an email


You may choose a one-time payment of $950

or three monthly payments of $330*


*First payment is deducted at the time of enrolment, with subsequent payments at one month intervals.

Applications close 25 June 2022.

Scholarships are available for Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour (BIWOC). Please email us to enquire.


Eve Studio participates in the 'Pay The Rent' initiative, whereby 1% of all revenue is paid to local Aboriginal community-controlled organisations.

Furthermore, 5% of course fees will be donated to The Global Women's Project.


Single payment of

$950 AUD

3 x monthly payment of

$330 AUD


First payment deducted at time of enrolment. Total paid: $990


75hr Enrol
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