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UPLIFT - A Night of Connection for Business Owners

Our community is filled with brave, creative, inspiring business owners and leaders. Let’s come together to share stories, learn from others’ experiences and give each other a boost.

Join us for a relaxed night of food and connection with other local women and nonbinary folk in leadership. Whether you’re freelancing, working for yourself, in a leadership role, running a company, or just starting to dream about doing your own thing, come join us!.




Thursday 30th May

7:30 - 9pm


Eve Studio Preston, 268 Raglan St, Preston




Annie Carter .  Facilitator


Annie is the founder and director of Eve Studio. She is committed to creating spaces for women to realise just how wonderful they truly are, through a practice of radical self acceptance. Annie also hosts the podcast, Yes You.

"For as long as I can remember, I've sensed... that leadership is one aspect of my part to play in this life, and I've always taken the responsibility of that seriously.  I've wanted to do it well"

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