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We offer a range of classes in different formats to support you throughout pregnancy and motherhood. 
You're sure to find something to suit you as your energy levels, schedule and needs evolve including classes you can bring your kiddos along to. 
For courses and other pre & postnatal services, click here. 

All of the following classes can be attended casually. Just book in and show up. 

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Gentle movement, breath and stretching to help prepare you for childbirth and motherhood. Suitable throughout all stages of pregnancy, this class can be adapted for your changing needs.

Move with Mini Classes

Dance, Fitness, Yoga & Pilates

Our Move with Mini classes are a chance for you to move your body while spending time with your little one (up to pre-school age)  and connecting with other mummas.  

As life with a little one doesn’t always fit to a tight schedule, these are open sessions where you can arrive any time during class, complete as much as you like and leave when you and mini are ready. No pressure. Minis can join in, sleep or play with other kids.  Bubs can be carried in a sling or carrier (BYO).


Suitable for all levels. Just get your doc's okay to exercise after giving birth.

Child-Friendly Classes

Our child-friendly classes are a new addition to Eve, as we seek to support the mums and carers in our community. 
There are a limited number of spaces available for bringing along a school-aged child to class. There is a designated area in the room where the class is happening for kids to sit and quietly entertain themselves while the class is on (reading a book, quiet games, iPad with headphones etc.) 


Please note - children must stay in the room where the class is so parents can keep an eye on them.

Booking with a child is currently only possible on our website (not in our app for now). When you book, select 'Bring a child' from the 'Children' drop-down list. 

To book without a child, just book as usual using our app or on our website. 

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