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"Hi, my name is Eleanor.

I’ve been a Pilates nerd since circa 1994 and I love sharing exercises with people of all walks of
life. Pilates has been a tool for me throughout my career to keep my body strong, balanced and
relatively injury free.

What I love about the Pilates its flow, it’s focus on mobility and it’s strength in movement in all
planes. I also love how I can tailor exercises to make it accessible to all fitness levels, to support
injury management and pre and post pregnancy.
Personally I love to get sweaty in a dance class or taking Tumbling/Gymnastics and I still teach
Circus classes. However, Pilates is always my happy place. I love using props, pumping the tunes
and of course having a laugh.

I look forward to meeting you in the studio."

Eleanor teaches:​ Pilates and Barre classes

You'll find Eleanor at: Our Brunswick studio

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