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Expressive Arts Therapy

Alisoun Neville is the founder of Crayons and Stuff. Alisoun's own processes of writing and other art making have informed her commitment to use creativity, collaboration and play for self-advocacy, discovery, self-expression and healing. She has completed her Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice, and is a provisional member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Association of Australia (PACFA).


“I have learnt through a combination of life experience and formal study to use creative expression and inquiry as powerful guides through some of life’s complex and difficult matters. The term expressive arts therapy is used to describe my inclusion of all of the arts in what we call art therapy and the value of expressing what we hold inside our bodies.

Expressive arts therapy uses art making, movement and other creative processes as a way to explore andmake meaning of your life. Using a mix of imagery, colour, texture, sound, words, sensations and other forms, it can help you to notice and express thoughts and feelings that are diffiicult to communicate. 

Discussion about your work and the art making process can help you gain insight and make sense of 

your experiences. You do not need any experience making art. 


I believe art therapy can be incorporated alongside wellness-focussed practices such as mindfulness and yoga and is able to go deeper for those who need it. My MIECAT training has included a focus on the body and movement-based modalities which will work well alongside Eve’s holistic and physical models of women’s health. It also brings in many other modalities, including the visual arts, clay, writing/poetry, sand-tray, animation, etc, which are offered in combination with more traditional counselling strategies and approaches.”

For more information, schedules and pricing, please visit the Crayons and Stuff website.

Alisoun and the team at Crayons and Stuff can help with:
  • Abuse, Trauma, Mental Health

  • Self-Esteem, Self-Care and Confidence

  • Health and Disability

  • Social Interaction and Communication

  • Relationships

  • Grief and Loss

  • Identity

  • Sexuality / LGBTIQ

  • Culture / Racism

  • Workplaces 

  • Life Transition

  • Personal Growth and Wellbeing

  • Social isolation and other impacts of COVID-19


Crayons and Stuff are based at Eve Studio Preston and online.


268 Raglan Street, Preston

(03) 9480 5969


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EVE WELLNESS CO. are located on Wurundjeri Country.

171 Sydney Road, Brunswick

(03) 8317 9061

268 Raglan Street, Preston

(03) 9480 5969

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