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We’re honoured to support you during this special season in your life.
Our aim is to empower you to keep moving in ways that feel good for you through all stages of your pregnancy and motherhood.

Some recommedations for your movement practice while pregnant...

  • Listen to your body. Your body is amazing and incredibly wise. If something doesn’t feel quite right, don’t to it. If you feel like resting, please do. We’re here to help, but nobody knows your body as intimately as you do.

  • Aim for moderate intensity while exercising. You should be able to breathe comfortably or hold a conversation.

  • If you find yourself straining or holding your breath while lifting weights, switch to lighter weights with more reps.

  • When twisting, opt for open twists that keep your belly relaxed and spacious, instead of closed twists that compress your belly.

  • Move in and out of isometric shapes (eg. plank), rather than static holds for a long time.

  • Choose table-top, kneeling or seated positions rather than lying flat on your belly from ten weeks onwards.

  • Opt for wide-legged forward folds, standing or sitting, to create space for baby.

  • Instead of lying flat on your back for extended periods, lie on your left side or in a semi-reclined position from sixteen weeks on.

  • If you're attending a class, please let your trainer know you’re pregnant each time. And don’t hesitate to say if you’d like to explore some modifications in class.

For more detail and to view the research behind these recommendations, download this document

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