Pranayama is one of the eight limbs of yoga, according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and is a powerful aspect of a wholistic yoga practice.


Join Kathy Peterson for this four week live online course to explore and work with your vital life energy through a range of pranayama practices.

This course will be both a practical and theoretical dive into pranayama and the subtle body. Each week new pranayama techniques will be introduced and a different aspect of the energetic body will be explored, including the Nadis, vayus and Koshas.


You will come away with a pranayama practice that you can take into your daily life, and a deeper understanding and experience of yoga and the energetic body.


Kathy has practised yoga for over twenty years, and has been teaching for more than a decade. Dynamic breath work is a fundamental part of her own practice and she is passionate about sharing this with others, and supporting them to integrate this vital aspect of yoga into their daily routine.

This course is for women only. Trans & non-binary warmly welcome.

3 - 24 November 2020


Weekly group Zoom sessions:
6:30 - 7:30pm Tuesdays

If you are unable to attend a

Kathy Peterson


Your place. This course will be taking place online via Zoom.




If you, or someone you know is facing financial difficulty, please email us to arrange a discounted or free place for you. It would be our pleasure to support you in this way.

If you would like to sponsor a woman facing financial hardship to join this course*, please click the button below.

* If there happen to be no requests for a sponsored place in this course, your contribution will be used to provide access other courses, workshops or classes at Eve, to women in financial hardship.

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