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"Hi, I'm Julia. My teaching is nurturing and deliberate. I love to weave mindfulness, body awareness, yoga philosophy and energetic focuses into my classes. Physical movement and poses are supported by breath and intention to enable you to remain present and work towards a balanced and united body, mind and spirit.


I began practising yoga as an aid for reducing stress and anxiety. Through these explorations, I felt compelled to delve deeper; to find more of the equilibrated state of being I experienced, by inviting yogic practices and teachings into my daily life. Yoga has greatly supported me throughout my pregnancies and into motherhood, and this, along with my experience as a school teacher, energises a particular passion for holding space and educating women on the benefits of yoga, empowering them to trust their bodies and innate capabilities. 


The power of a supportive community is at the core of my beliefs, particularly as an educator. I encourage collaboration, co-learning and the building of strong interpersonal connections in serving both individual and collective wellbeing."

Julia teaches:​  Yoga classes

You'll find Julia at: Brunswick & Preston studios

Julia is also our Pre/Postnatal support manager.

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