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“Hello beautiful humans, I’m Lou! 


Pronouns - She/Her

Pisces Sun, Gemini moon, Leo rising. 


I teach fitness and yoga across both studios and I feel it is my dharma (life’s purpose) to encourage people to find LOVE in their relationship to movement and their bodies. Movement is medicine. It can support us through all seasons of life. It has supported me through my own journey and watching people cultivate this brings me so much joy. 


My passions are learning about the physical body (in particular the brain and nervous system), encouraging people to lift weights and finding ways to incorporate modern understandings of anatomy and physiology into ancient teachings such as Yoga and TCM practices. 


Alongside teaching at Eve and working with 1-to-1 clients, I am also a student of Evolutionary Astrology. I love to teach from an astrological perspective as it is something that we are ALL influenced by. 


You’ll usually find me at either one of the studios teaching, hanging out with a cuppa or attending one of our other incredible teachers classes. 

Lou teaches:​  Yoga & Fitness classes

You'll find Lou at: Brunswick & Preston studios

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