"Hi, I'm Jordan. 


Growing up in the country I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by fresh produce and a lifestyle where I was constantly amongst nature, moving and exploring. Upon relocating to Melbourne the shift in pace of life had a large impact on my state of mind, so I began practicing yoga
alongside my University studies to support my intense and full schedule.  Over the many years to come I observed the way my yoga practice intertwined it's way into all facets of my life - cultivating compassion, presence and a sense of community.


This led me to completing my Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching with Australian Yoga Academy (350 hours) and currently undergoing studies in Yin Teacher Training (50 hours) with Karina Smith.
I believe yoga is a multifaceted practice that provides a platform for self- inquiry and my purpose as a teacher is to create an inclusive space where individuals can explore the relationship between breath and movement.  With sequencing influenced from a background in dance and my love of
slow-flow, I encourage students to move in ways that feels good for them in any given moment. Allowing space in my classes for individuals to explore ideas around slowing down, taking stock and becoming more present - my hope is for individuals to apply what they notice on the mat
into their daily life."

Jordan teaches:​ Yoga classes

You'll find Jordan at: Our Brunswick studios