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"Hey there, I'm Annie. 


I'm the founder and director of Eve Studio, and I am grateful every day that this is my life: surrounded by wonderful women who are actively tapping into their best and living from that place. I realise this is pretty special and I don't take it for granted.

I have always worked with people in some way, supporting them to take positive steps in their lives. I was a youth worker, then I spent years running festivals and events for teenagers and young adults around faith and spirituality and how to integrate these into everyday life. In the years before opening Eve, I managed teams of community service workers as they supported people experiencing disadvantage in a variety of settings. In those days, I used to teach Zumba and then yoga alongside my 'real' job.

Having always been pretty active, it took me a long time to come to yoga. I tried going to yoga classes, I really did, but I always left wondering what everyone loved so much about it. As a form of exercise, I felt there were better options, and I preferred to go for a run!  It was only when I came across a dynamic style of yoga developed by Baron Baptiste, Power Flow, that left me dripping in sweat and feeling like I'd had a strong workout, that I was hooked. So it was the strong physical practice that appealed to me initially, which seems kind of funny to me now, as my practice these days is often very slow and gentle, consisting mostly of meditation.  But that's one of the things I really love about yoga - that people come to it for all sorts of reasons, and if they stay a little while, yoga inevitably invites them to explore a little deeper. Come for the 'exercise', the strengthening, the flexibility, the 'yoga arms'... Great! And then see where it takes you... greater self awareness, a calmer mind, less reactivity, improved self esteem, connection with the Divine. 

I teach yoga as well as fitness and dance at Eve, and I like to approach them all in the same way - starting from a place of acceptance - of self, of our bodies as they are, of our experience in this moment, and to explore from there.

What will you get when you come to my class? Acceptance. And from there, it depends on the class. 

My Vinyasa classes are mindful and dynamic and I usually try to incorporate something that will challenge you, physically or mentally, because I find it's in that place just beyond the comfort zone that we can learn so much about ourselves, if we're willing to pay attention. Personally, that's been the place of increased self-awareness that leads to transformation.

In gentler yoga classes, such as Nest, I take a more obviously nurturing approach, holding space for you to be with yourself, to release stress and tension to explore what's present for you from a place of compassion.

My fitness and dance classes are fun and encouraging, giving you the opportunity to move and feel great, with just enough challenge to keep you engaged and growing!

You'll also find me facilitating run challenges, workshops, courses and retreats, which are some of my favourite things to do because we get to connect on a deeper level and do all that we do in regular classes but amp it up some more."

Annie teaches:​  Yoga, Fitness and Dance classes

You'll find Annie at: Our Preston and Brunswick studios

Read more about Annie's journey and how Eve was started here

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