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Yoga for Beginners


Just getting started with your yoga asana (poses) practice?

Or have you practiced for a while, but never learned the fundamentals?  This foundational yoga asana workshop with Simmin Almassi is for you!

The physical aspect of yoga is where most of us start, and is a great way to begin exploring all that yoga has to teach us. In this interactive workshop, you'll learn the fundamentals of vinyasa yoga, including key poses, transitions, and sequences. Plus, get some helpful tips to support you as you build your strength, flexibility, and confidence.

Structured over 2 sessions so that you have a week in between to practice and expand on your learnings.

For women & non-binary folk, See here for more info.


Sunday 21st & 28th April

11.30am - 1pm


Eve Studio Preston
268 Raglan St, Preston


$79 (Eve members save 10%​)

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