According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the yamas are the first limb of yoga. They are ethical values for developing our humanity in a deep and profound way. The exploration and practice of the yamas helps us to examine our behaviours, assumptions and beliefs, guiding us towards greater self-understanding and inner peace.

In this yoga challenge Bel Totino, Jordan Christodoulou and the Eve team will guide you through five weeks of yoga practice, focusing on a different yama each week. You will develop your asana (postures) practice, as you also explore the application of your yoga practice in your life more broadly.

In this challenge, you commit to practising a self-determined number of yoga classes per week for five weeks.  If you have a regular practice already, you may like to commit to five or more classes per week. Or if three classes per week feels like a more appropriate number to aim for, make it three. It's up to you.  You can incorporate a range of classes including Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Yin, Pranayama & Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Unwind.

Challenge participants will gather each week to encourage one another, learn the week’s theme, and practice together.

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Limited places. Book now to avoid disappointment.

This challenge is for women only.

Trans and non-binary women welcome.


$95 Eve members*
$270 non-members**

* Direct debit or 3, 6 or 12 mth prepaid membership
** The non-members price gives you unlimited access to all Eve classes for the duration of the challenge.


4th May - 8th June

Facilitator: Jordan Christodoulou

Weekly gatherings: 6pm - 7:30pm Tuesdays

at 171 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Please note, there are six Tuesdays in this course.


6th May - 10th June

Facilitator: Belinda Totino

Weekly gatherings: 7pm - 8:30pm Thursdays

at 268 Raglan St, Preston

Please note, there are six Thursdays in this course.