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Hi, my name is Stef!


My pronouns are she/her and I'm a Fitness Instructor and Yoga Teacher here at Eve. My passions include making weight training and yoga more accessible and fun, coffee, and food (because really, what else am I supposed to do in Melbourne).


I first became qualified as a personal trainer in 2016, but after working in a gym fell out of love with weight training due to the toxic environment that unfortunately too many people probably can relate to. I then focussed more on yoga after finding it incredibly healing and supportive for me at a time I needed it most. Fast forward almost five years and I’ve fallen back in love with weights and more in love with my practice of yoga.


I have been working as a PT and Yoga Teacher for just under ten years now and one thing that breaks my heart is seeing people avoiding movements like weight training and yoga because the industry has made it scary and unapproachable. But it shouldn’t be that way! My goal is to help support people find movement that works for them because everyone deserves to feel good in their bodies. 

Stef teaches:​ Fitness and Yoga classes

You'll find Stef at: Our Preston and Brunswick studios

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