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"Hello! I'm Simmin (she/her), I teach Vinyasa and Slow Flow at Eve Preston. I have always had a love for movement, and this began with a love for sports. Over time this evolved into a deep passion for dance and yoga.


After years of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance, I came to yoga in my mid-twenties. Yoga felt different. Although I was originally drawn to the physical practice, I soon realised it was a way to quiet my busy mind, shifting my focus away from perfecting the poses and into connecting with my body with compassion and mindful awareness. It has helped me manage stress, anxiety, and perfectionism, fostering a stronger sense of presence and connection with the world around me.


In 2017, I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Power Living, and in 2019, I enhanced my skills with a 30hr training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. In 2020, I completed the 75hr Women-Centred Yoga Teacher Training with Eve and incorporate these principles into my teaching at Eve. Now in 2023, I have gone on to complete my 50hr Women-Centred Yin Yoga Training, whilst diving deeper into Mental Health Aware Yoga online.


Yoga's holistic approach, incorporating the body, mind, and spirit, has always fascinated me. The Niyama in Yoga philosophy 'Svadhyaya,' meaning self-study, is something I practice in ebbs and flows. Yoga lends itself beautifully to the work I do as a counsellor supporting those in mental health recovery."

Sim teaches:​  Yoga classes

You'll find Sim at: Our Preston studio

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