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"Hi! I'm Sham, and I specialise in Dance.


When I’m not teaching, I’m usually a performer and theatre maker. At Eve Studio I teach Barre, Work It, and the brand new Booty dance class. I love teaching at Eve because of the amazing community of women and positive vibes that fill the studio. I also love being able to share the joy of dance and movement with others. I teach children as old as 4 to as young as 60 so rest assured I’ve seen it all. People have come to me saying they ‘can’t dance’ and my response is generally “Move your body to the music. There, you’re dancing”. Dance should be about having fun more than anything- with a little bit of a challenge to keep your mind and body active. When I was growing up I went through rigorous dance training (ballet in particular) so I didn’t always have this mindset. I was always a perfectionist and I realised that my want for perfect technique was taking away my love for actual dancing! When i picked up other dance styles this shook the ballerina right out of me (well...almost) and I rediscovered how much i love movement.


In my classes I aim to make people feel the same- comfortable, explorative, and open. At the end of the day its about what feels good in your body, and I encourage my students to get creative and move the way that suits them- with a little help from some dance technique to make sure we’re being safe! At my classes you can expect a bangin’ playlist, a few dorky dad jokes (because when I’m working out my humour seems to diminish) and whole lot of fun. Maybe a healthy bit of a stretch if you’re doing Barre."

Sham teaches:​ Dance and Barre classes.

You'll find Sham at: Our Brunswick and Preston studios.


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