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"Hi, I'm Fran, I fell in love with yoga many years ago and decided to jump into teaching and spread the love in 2010. Yoga has drastically changed my life, its confronted me, exposed my vulnerability, taught me a deeper honest connection to myself and my community. It’s hard to write it in words but it is a constant journey that keeps me learning and growing and I’m so grateful to be on it.

My first studies were in Anusara, then I dived into the Power Vinyasa side with Baron Baptiste and Power Living. Since then I have been exploring an array of epic styles including Prana Flow, Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and more recently I have become a level 1 IRest Yoga Nidra facilitator.

I’m a mother of two crazy beautiful boys, who are definitely two of my greatest teachers, as well as my husband. They challenge me every day and have taught me a heart-melting love that I never knew was possible. Since my two pregnancies I’ve learnt how incredibly powerful women are and one of my heartfelt desires is to allow women to see and feel their true power and abundance. I love working with pregnant women and am trained in prenatal yoga.

If I had to describe my classes I would say they are strong and dynamic, yet playful and full of love and compassion. Come and get to know yourself in my classes and hopefully fall in love with your whole self exactly as you are.

I’m so grateful to be a part of this wonderful Eve community, these beautiful women have made me feel safe and at home and inspire me every time I teach. So, Thank you!!"

Fran teaches:​ Yoga classes

You'll find Fran at: Our Brunswick and Preston studios


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