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"Hello, I'm Chafia, a dance teacher who has a particular interest in facilitating movement at an adult/beginner level and is passionate about passing my love and knowledge of dance on to anyone who wants to move. My goal is to create an opportunity for all people to experience the joy and freedom of expression which movement can bring. I believe that we are all dancers and aim to dispel the notion of “Not me, I can’t dance”. 

I started training in ballet at the age of 8, but found my true calling at 14 when I was introduced to contemporary dance. I fell in love with the endless possibilities that it offered in terms of movement, feeling and expression. I went on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Dance at QUT (Brisbane) and enjoyed a 10 year career as a performer and choreographer working within Australia and internationally. During this time I also had opportunities to be involved in commercial dance projects for film and TV and have worked on music film clips for Darren Hayes, Little Birdy, The Sleepy Jackson, The Living End, Youth Group, Powderfinger, Ben Lee, Skipping Girl Vinegar, Kid Radio, TZU, Alex Watts and Le1f (USA). 

A few years ago I made the decision to focus on teaching with a specific interest in the significance of dance within the broader context of health and wellness. Study in Dance Movement Therapy has allowed me to explore this further and eventually brought me to Eve Studio where I found the perfect place to share dance with people in a more community minded way. I love the Eve ethos, which is about providing women with positive and empowering experiences through physical exploration, education and a sense of connection to self and others. Whether you want to have fun getting fit, learn something new, find a feeling of catharsis or socialise with the amazing women at Eve, I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!"

Chafia teaches:​  Dance classes

You'll find Chafia at: Our Brunswick and Preston studios.

Chafia also provides administration support at our Brunswick Studio.

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