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"Hello, my name is Alissia,

Complimentary to my passion for people, I bring a diverse range of experience and knowledge within the health and fitness fields. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life, both in the health and fitness industry and within the local community where I work with youth, senior and disability groups, providing guidance and activities mainly focused on improving general well being, health and fitness levels.


Through guidance, education and a positive attitude, my true intention is to enable you to see yourself in an inspired light and help you reach your full potential, whatever your goals might be.

When I run my classes, my main focus is on supporting and guiding you on your personal journey and as a group, reaching a common goal: to feel good both inside and out. Fun and dynamic classes . As I am also on my own journey, I am continuously learning and growing through life experiences as well as furthering my knowledge and enhancing my professional skills to bring you the best version of myself in each class. 

Whatever your journey may be, I look forward to helping in any way I can."

Alissia teaches:​ Fitness, Pilates and Pink Space classes

You'll find Alissia at: Our Brunswick studio


Alissia Is Studio Manager at Brunswick and Team Support Manager

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