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"Hello beautiful people, I am Ali and I teach: Yoga for Mums, Prenatal Yoga and
Vinyasa flow.


What I love about Yoga is that it is a Universal practice, yoga is for all people and has such power to change the World for the better. Guiding mums and mummas-to-be to feel good and embrace their ever-changing bodies, to connect with all that they are, wherever they are on their journey through life is a true gift. I also love to teach a strong Vinyasa flow; the challenge of some postures and the focus required can often clear the path for a shift in perspective, a breakthrough.

I completed my 200hrs with Power Living, this laid the foundation for a strong body and mind and a passion to make a difference. From there I followed my own journey in becoming a mum – training with Bliss Baby Yoga in Pre and Post-natal Yoga throughout my two pregnancies. Recently I have extended my knowledge to yoga for children, training with Zenergy Yoga and discovering how
yoga can set our children up for a happy, healthy life. Yoga is Life!


Yoga is a continuous journey, I am always learning and it is humbling for me to
guide my students to the best of my knowledge.  My goal in teaching is to help my students find that quiet, peaceful and loving place within them. For me, Yoga is in the breath, in the body, heart and mind; it is an awareness of our true essence – loving, peaceful beings. In a world that is
so busy and full of distractions, Yoga can help bring you home to this truth."

Ali teaches:​ Yoga classes

You'll find Ali at: Our Preston and Brunswick studios

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