Tuning into Autumn . A workshop with Sarah Mackie


During autumn, the world’s yin energy begins to increase. It is a time of turning inward, gathering what is essential and letting go of what is not needed. As humans, we experience these same energetic changes.


Just like trees begin to shed their leaves and pull energy into their core; we too can support ourselves by syncing with the qualities of the season to consolidate our physical health, mental clarity, and emotional wellbeing.


In this workshop Sarah will share:

  • An introduction to 5 Elements Theory, including the relevant meridians & organs systems

  • Qigong warm up exercises to activate & stimulate Qi (energy)

  • Principles of Qigong practice & a simple routine

  • Yin yoga practice with guided meditation for the metal element

  • A take-home worksheet




1:30 - 3:30pm, Sunday 18th April


268 Raglan St, Preston


$55 (Eve members save 10%)

Limited numbers. Book early to avoid disappointment.


This course is for women only. Trans & non-binary women welcome.

See here for more info.