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"Hi, I'm Nisha, I began practicing yoga in my teens in my hometown of Fremantle, and have now been practicing for fourteen years and teaching for seven. I was raised in a Buddhist tradition, but have also expanded my sphere to encompass different philosophies that influence my own reflections and self-study. We all bring our own unique experiences to the mat, and I guide students to discover and create an interpretation of themselves within the structure of any given shape on any given day, rather than
imitating false social constructs of ‘the perfect pose’.As a public health practitioner, I explore intersections of social justice, feminism, decolonisation and yoga, which are now fundamental to my class offerings. 


I am passionate about equality, and believe mindfulness and yoga create space to examine our world – and manifest the determination to support healing, self-actualisation and justice.


Prioritising strength, rest and healing over ‘performance’, I consider asana as integral to supporting our bodies as we age. For me, connection to core is essential, physically and energetically, and I do my very best help students engage deeply in all practices, from meditation to yin, slow flow and vinyasa. I teach from a trauma- informed lens and my intention is for my classes to be a safe and nourishing space, where students feel held, and comfortable enough to let go, recharge and meet themselves where ever they are at."

Nisha teaches:​  Yoga classes

You'll find Nisha at: Our Brunswick studio

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