your dose of Eve delivered straight to your lounge room

While Eve is back in lockdown for another 7 days, we are offering a range of classes via livestream so that you don't miss out.  It's the next best thing to being live in the studio.


7:30am Cirque with Julia (45min)

10am Slow Flow with Bel (60min)
12:15pm Pilates with Chafia (45min)

8am OHM with Kate (45min)
9am Vinyasa with Jess (60min)

10:15am Barre with Tania (45min)

9am Lift with Kate (45min)
10:30am Slow Flow with Sim (60min)

4:30pm Yin with Sarah (60min)


7:30am Vinyasa with Hana (60min)

10:30am Pilates with Eleanor (45min)

12:15pm OHM with Alissia (45min)



7:30am Hustle with Lou (45min)

9:30am Work It with JJ (45min)

12:15pm Vinyasa with Lucia (45min)



7:30am Pilates with Jessie (45min)

10:30am Vinyasa with Keely (60min)

12:15pm Hustle with Kate (45min)



7:30am Cirque / HIIT with Lou (45min)

10:30am Yin with Meredith (60min)

12:15pm Barre with Sham (45min)


Zoom Link for all live-stream classes:

Meeting ID: 896 9681 9093
Passcode: EVELIVE

Click the link at the time of your class, and you're away.

Please note, due to the microphone set-up our teachers will be using, they will not be able to hear you on Zoom. Please use the chat box if you need to communicate with them, and they will do their best to check the chat box from time to time throughout class.

Make a Contribution

If would like to make a financial contribution for any classes you attend this will be a big help in keeping Eve afloat beyond our lockdowns.  You can do so by clicking the button below, it will take you to a page where you can choose how much you would like to pay.

Thank you!

Previous Livestream Recordings

Class recordings will be available here the following day, and will remain available for one week.

Pilates with Chafia

Slow Flow with Bel


Cirque with Julia

Vinyasa with Bel

Pilates with Tania


One Hot Minute with JJ

Lift with Harriet

Pilates with Yesse

Barre with Tania

Slow Flow with Sim

Yin with Sarah

Vinyasa with Hana

Work it with JJ

Vinyasa with Lucia