"My name is Kate and I teach Pilates and Fitness classes here at Eve Studio.


I love guiding people through their training, whether it be helping people recover from an injury, fine tuning new movement patterns or challenging their strength and mobility with a tough class. Seeing people accomplish a level of movement or strength they didn’t think they could achieve is at the crux of why I teach. Come visit me in the Pilates studio and you’ll find a session with chilled music, precise cueing and challenging sequences.


In the fitness studio, you’ll always have a supportive environment where you can lift, move and get your heart racing both safely and at your own pace.


As for me, I came to Pilates and weight training via a youth spent playing countless sports, and my 20s filled with art and expression. Pilates returned the confidence in myself and my body that had been lost after years of injuries and chronic pain. I hold a Diploma of Pilates and a Cert IV Fitness. I’m always searching for ways to improve my teaching and am currently studying B Health Sciences, majoring in Anatomy and Physiology. I hope to move into Occupational Therapy."

Kate teaches:​  Pilates and Fitness classes

You'll find Kate at: Our Preston and Brunswick studios

Kate also offers one-on-one and small group Reformer Pilates sessions through Eve Wellness Co.