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Hi, my name is Indiana and I am a fitness instructor at Eve Studio! 

I fell in love with fitness as an Evie attending classes many moons ago and later decided to follow my passion to bring light and energy and support to fitness classes and PT across the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

I’m passionate about creating classes that are accessible, inclusive and fun! Having Rheumatoid Arthritis myself, I know how important it is to have a space that feels safe, non-judgemental and encouraging when it comes to fitness and moving your body. No matter what your fitness level is - whether you’ve been active for years or if you have only just begun, whether you have injury or condition that affects movement - I will always regress or progress activities to help folk feel at ease and comfortable in class, no matter what their fitness level is. 

I love seeing people give things a go, especially if it’s a little left of field for them. It can be quite incredible to realise what our bodies are capable of and sometimes it just takes a little step outside of our comfort zone to take a big step into our potential. I will always encourage the Evies in class (I am the fitness instructor you can probably hear excitedly love-shouting encouragement in class at the back of the Preston studio!) but I also feel its super important to listen to your body and go at your own pace and I will always always encourage that.

If you need some energy in your life and love working out to bangin’ tunes, come say hey.

Indiana teaches:​  Fitness classes

You'll find Indiana at: Our Preston studio

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