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A fun six-week course for beginners with Shannon Sweeney

Are you ready to start (or restart) your fitness journey, but not quite sure where to begin?  Intimidated by the idea of a group fitness class? Not sure of the difference between a barbell and a dumbbell, or what to do with them anyway?  This course is for you!

Join Shannon for this relaxed, inclusive course to get you started with the essentials of strength and fitness training. Learn the fundamental movements, their benefits, and how to make them work for your own body. You’ll get familiar with various pieces of equipment, and how to interpret your body’s feedback when exercising - learning when pain is okay, and when it’s a sign to stop.

Draw support from the group as you build your fitness and your confidence together.

- 8am Thursday mornings
15th February - 21st March

Eve Studio Preston, 268 Raglan St Preston


$150 (Eve members save10%)

Having trouble booking?  

Email us at

or call 9480 5969

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