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Hey runners! Do you feel the need for speed??

During this pandemic, running is a great way to get out of your house for some fresh air and exercise. With restrictions as they are, you can only run so far. So rather than building distance, let's work on pace.


Join your trainer, Louisa Carter for this challenge that's all about building your fitness, strength and power to help you run your fastest 5km or 10km yet.  And for the five weeks in between, you’ll have a flexible program of three solo runs per week and cross training specifically designed to build your pace across your chosen distance.


And join in the weekly online group training session via Zoom, to check in, encourage and support each other.


Choose Your Distance

You can choose to train for your fastest 5km OR 10km.

 It doesn’t matter how fast you are to begin with. We’ll start where you are, and get quicker!


You may like to subscribe to Eve At Home, our online studio platform, for the duration of the challenge, to access on-demand and live-stream classes for your cross training. This is optional, and encouraged.

* If you can't already run the distance you've chosen (whatever your pace), we recommend you join our Zero to 5km Run Challenge or 10km Run Challenge instead. These challenges focus on building up your distance, rather than your pace.

6 October - 10 November


Weekly group Zoom sessions:
7am - 7:45am Tuesday mornings


Louisa Carter


Your place, and within 5km of your house (when you run outdoors)


$99 - training program and group sessions only

$149 (includes Eve At Home subscription for 5 weeks)


If you are facing financial difficulty, please email us to arrange a discounted or free place for you.

If you would like to sponsor a woman facing financial hardship to join the Run Challenge*, please click the button below.

* If there happen to be no requests for a sponsored place in this challenge, your contribution will be used to provide access other courses, workshops or classes at Eve, to women in financial hardship.

Having trouble booking?  

Email us at

or call 9480 5969

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