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The Eve Book Club is focused on reading books by Black, indigenous and women of colour (BIWOC) authors.

We're seeking to:

  • Read some great books!

  • Acknowledge, celebrate and enjoy literature by BIWOC authors

  • Centre and learn from BIWOC perspectives

  • Unpack and dismantle racism in our societal structures and within ourselves

  • Engage in discussion to enhance the reading experience

  • Enjoy being part of the wonderful Eve community


Here's how it works:

  • We read one book per 3 months. You may join for any or all of them.

  • You sign up by joining our online community forum, where you can share and ask questions that arise as you read.

  • There will be one Zoom chat session towards the end of the three month block, to chat about the book.


If you'd like to support a local small business, we recommend you buy the book from Neighbourhood Books. They're based in Northcote. 


Alongside click-and- collect, they do daily local delivery runs during lockdown. Isn't that so great?!

You can order at their website here or via phone on 8679 6777. 

This book club is for women only.

Trans and non-binary women warmly welcome.


Our Sep - Dec 2021 book is:

Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray
(River of Dreams)

by Anita Heiss

Gundagai, 1852

The powerful Murrumbidgee River surges through town leaving death and destruction in its wake. It is a stark reminder that while the river can give life, it can just as easily take it away.

Wagadhaany is one of the lucky ones. She survives. But is her life now better than the fate she escaped? Forced to move away from her miyagan, she walks through each day with no trace of dance in her step, her broken heart forever calling her back home to Gundagai.

When she meets Wiradyuri stockman Yindyamarra, Wagadhaany's heart slowly begins to heal. But still, she dreams of a better life, away from the gradation of being owned. She longs to set out along the river of her ancestors, in search of lost family and country. Can she find the courage to defy the White man's law? And if she does, will it bring hope... or heartache?

Set on timeless Wiradyuri country, where the life-giving waters of the rivers can make or break dreams, and based on devastating true events, Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray (River of Dreams) is an epic story of love, loss and belonging.

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