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Unwind, recharge and renew through this 2 hour workshop, integrating an uplifting Summer Qigong practice followed by the nourishing hands on touch of Shiatsu into a Yin Yoga practice. During the longer holds of each yin pose one of our qualified shiatsu practitioners will be offering you therapeutic meridian massage, acupressure holds and subtle stretching assists.


Shiatsu is a holistic form of bodywork, applying just the right amount of pressure to stimulate the circulation of blood and qi. The flow on affect: easing tension, stress and stagnation. Soothing the nervous system. Replenishing energy to areas previously blocked. The sequence will be tailored to the season, helping you to awaken and synchronise with the full expression of Yang energy in Summer.


In this workshop we will share:

  • An introduction to 5 elements theory, relevant meridians & organs systems

  • Qigong warm up exercises to activate & stimulate qi (energy)

  • Principles of qigong practice & a seasonally focused routine

  • Yin yoga practice with hands on shiatsu treatment in the poses

  • Handout containing journal prompts for continued exploration at home



Sunday 26th November

1pm - 3pm


171 Sydney Rd, Brunswick


$55 (Eve members save 10%)

Limited numbers. Book early to avoid disappointment.


This course is for women and nonbinary people.

See here for more info.

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