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"Hi, I'm Hayley. 


I aim to facilitate yoga classes that inspire participants to use the body and mind as a catalyst to connect with themselves on a deeper level. I integrate movement and mindfulness practices to foster a present and individualised experience.


My personal journey of yoga began over ten years ago. It wasn’t until I discovered yoga that I realised how much unnecessary stress I was carrying with me. After experiencing the benefits to both my mental and physical health, I couldn’t wait to delve into a deeper exploration and share it with other people. This led me towards completing my first teacher training. I am also a counsellor, which has organically drawn me towards trauma sensitive practices, such as Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga and iRest yoga nidra.


I love being part of the Eve team because it enables me to be part of a wider community of women that is warm and inclusive. It truly is a place that feels like home."

Hayley teaches:​ Yoga classes

You'll find Hayley at: Our Preston studio