"Hi, I’m Meredith, and I’m a lifelong lover of movement.


I started dancing at the age of four and have studied numerous styles of dance for over three decades. From Lindy Hop, West African and Latin dance, to the more traditional jazz and ballet, each style has made me fall in love with dance even more. Dance has always been my happy-place, a place to lose myself in the moment and find my flow. My classes are mix of dance styles, a chance for you to follow-along to uplifting music and find your own playfulness. They offer a chance to smile and shake your booty in a non-competitive, supportive environment.

I came to yoga later in life, when I became a Mum. Like many, I came to yoga for physical reasons – to gain back some strength, but I quickly discovered so much more on the mat, what I can only describe as ‘magic’. I fell in love with Slow Flow, Restorative, and Yin Yoga, all of which helped guide me in my transition to motherhood. I firmly believe in the transformative, healing magic of a yoga practice, and I’m so humbled and honoured to share my love of yoga now as a teacher. After graduating from the Australian Yoga Academy, I naturally gravitated toward women-only spaces like Eve, as I feel called to share my gentle, nourishing style of yoga with women. I am passionate about facilitating Restorative Yoga to combat stress and burnout.  Above all, I aim to provide a safe space for people to unwind, breath and savour the sweet stillness of coming home to the self on the mat."

Meredith teaches:​  Dance and Yoga classes

You'll find Meredith at: Our Preston studio