"Hey, I’m Evelyn - A Shiatsu therapist & bodyworker, professional oriental movement and meditation teacher.

It’s an honour to share this practice and be an active part in peoples’ investigation and effort in pursuit of your health, value and vitality. Every time I’m in studio at Eve, a part of women’s process, I’m inspired by your attention to practice, the determination, power and the warmth that’s emitted.

In class I create an experiential and safe space where ritual is subtly investigated through the art of oriental movement including yin and yang, yoga asana, meditation and breath. I weave these interconnected practices into class to ensure the approach is a holistic one servicing the physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual aspects of being. 

I teach in line with the lineages I've studied and in respect of the traditions and teachers before me.

I look forward to growing together in this community."

Evelyn teaches:​  Yoga classes

You'll find Evelyn at: Our Preston studios