"Hey, I’m Vanessa! When I did my first yoga training in 2014, I threw my hands up mid philosophy lecture and said, this is what I’ve been believing my whole life. When I found ‘yoga’, it felt like home to me. I absolutely love the practice of yoga, that you can be in a class with 30 other humans and have a really deep and profound experience together, you can be walking along the beach and feel connected beyond yourself to something greater. 

In 2014 I studied with Power Living, who introduced me to a really strong, yang style of practice and teaching. Since then I have completed an additional 300hrs with Embodied Flow and my whole life and connection to my body have changed. Embodied Flow can seem a little new and ‘fringe’ for some people, however the principles push us to connect with our form and understand what it is to be human and how as humans we can have an intimate experience right now that connects us to our spirit.


Outside of my regular classes at Eve Studio, I also practice as a sexologist and use a sensual style of yoga to connect people deeper to themselves, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality.


My main aim is that you come out feeling supported, more connected to your body and spirit and ultimately full of love!"

Vanessa teaches:​  Yoga classes

You'll find Vanessa at: Our Preston and Brunswick studios

Vanessa also offers sexology sessions through Eve Wellness Co.