JJ Simmons

"My name is Joanna (JJ), and I teach Fitness, Dance and Yoga classes here at Eve Studio.


I grew up doing dance and gymnastics, joining my mum at aerobics in the local church hall when I was 11; and from there my love for group exercise began. I have taught a range of programs to people from all ages and backgrounds. As well as teaching at Eve and other studios around Melbourne, I work with forensic mental health patients running yoga and fitness sessions.  


My other vocation is in the performing arts as a producer, choreographer and cabaret comedian - Banana Jolie. I blend my multifaceted movement background into my classes to make them uplifting, dynamic and approachable. 


I am excited to be a part of the Eve team and look forward to helping members cultivate a relationship with their bodies and create strength and space for joy!"

JJ teaches:​ Fitness, Dance and Yoga classes

You'll find JJ at: Our Brunswick studio