"Hi I'm Carolyn. I was introduced to yoga more than 20 years ago in the tiny kitchenette of an office building on St Kilda Road. A colleague suggested it could be good for my back, and I booked myself in for a ten-week beginner’s course.  At the end of that first lesson I knew I was onto something. I hugged the teacher! I felt different. Better. Nicer.


Fast forward 20 years and yoga is a beautiful and very important part of my life. It makes
me feel more like the ‘me’ I know I really am.  For ten years I’ve been teaching yoga classes because I’m passionate about giving people the opportunity to experience that incredible feeling I get from yoga. I want people to develop tools in their tool box for life that makes them feel grounded, peaceful and strong. In my classes I bring a realism, a warmth and a deep empathy for the place inside you yearning for stillness and wholeness. My classes at Eve can include breath work (pranayama), movement and yoga postures (asana), relaxation (yoga nidra) as well as visualisation and meditation.


My classes are suitable for women who haven’t done much yoga, as well as those who
are looking to compliment other exercise with a more nurturing class. You don’t have to wear ‘yoga clothes’, you don’t need to be fit or flexible. If you’re curious – you’re very welcome and I’d love to see you on the mat. 

About my training and experience - I graduated from the Gita yoga teaching program in 2005 and since then have been teaching, studying and practising. I completed prenatal yoga teacher training with Bliss Baby and practised yoga throughout both my own pregnancies. I’ve taught yoga classes for ten years in workplaces, studios, gym and private homes."

Carolyn teaches:​  Unwind and Move with Mini Yoga

You'll find Carolyn at: Our Preston studio.