Step into the joy and power of your menstrual cycle.

Join the rising tide of people discovering the intrinsic genius of their menstrual (or moon) cycle and unlock huge benefits for your health, happiness and overall wellbeing.

The menstrual* cycle is made up of rhythms that affect how we feel, think, peform and relate. And yet, in our culture, women have learned to ignore these rhythms and to just power on through. We’ve turned a beautiful dance into a gruelling march, and the results are devastating; disconnection from our bodies, stress and exhaustion, foggy thinking, low libido, hormonal disruption and disorder, and a persistent feeling of never quite measuring up.


This workshop is your invitation to tune in to your inner rhythms and begin to ‘dance’ with your cycle. Learn how your hormone mix changes through each phase of your cycle, and how you can follow these ebbs and flows to optimise the way you work, exercise, socialise, and care for yourself.

You’ll learn about:


  • Cultural understandings of menstruation, and how these shape our relationship to our cycle, hormones and body.

  • The four phases of the menstrual* cycle, and how you can use them to live, relate, work, exercise, love, and feel your best.

  • How to track and honour your unique cycle (or if you have no cycle, to use the same principles to follow the cycle of the moon for powerful benefits)

  • Why you can feel like an unstoppable-social-butterfly-all-powerful-superwoman one week, and a can’t-peel-myself-off-the-couch-hermit the next, and what to do about it

  • Cultivating a sense of flow and natural rhythm in your life

  • PMS and other common menstrual issues

  • How to use your cycle as the basis for a powerful practice of self-care

* Please note that if you have an irregular cycle, or no cycle at all, this workshop is absolutely still for you! Annie will guide you through how to apply the same principles to follow the cycle of the moon for similar benefits.


11:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday 24th April


171 Sydney Rd, Brunswick


$89 (Eve members save 10%)

Limited numbers. Book early to avoid disappointment.


This course is for women only. Trans & non-binary women welcome.

See here for more info.


Annie Carter . Workshop Facilitator


Annie is the founder and director of Eve Studio. She is committed to creating spaces for women to realise just how wonderful they truly are, through a practice of radical self acceptance. Annie also hosts the podcast, Yes You.

Annie will share her personal story of harnessing the power of her cycle (with livechanging effect), and give you lots of information and practical tools to do the same.