A yoga practice to open your energetic potential 
with Belinda Totino


Get to know your body’s seven key energy centres, the chakras.  Belinda Totino will share the essential qualities of each chakra, and their effect on your physical, energetic, emotional and mental wellbeing.

In this popular workshop, Bel will guide you through a practice, highlighting yoga poses and breath techniques that activate and amplify the power of each chakra. You will be able to carry this into your life,  clearing blockages and expanding the qualities of individual chakras, as well as your overall energetic potential.

These practices will help you create balance, build confidence and support you to live more freely from a place of gratitude and love. 


6:30pm - 8:30pm Friday 22nd of November


268 Raglan Street, Preston


$45 (Eve members save 10%)

Limited numbers. Book early to avoid disappointment.


This course is for women only. Trans & non-binary women welcome.

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